After 12 Great Years, Lowell’s Will Be Closing Its Doors on Oct 14, 2019

To my family, patrons, past and present employees, farmers and foragers, producers and distributors, and everyone else who over the last 12 years walked through our doors….

After service on Monday, October 14th, we are ending what has been the fantastic journey of Lowell’s Restaurant.

The fire in my heart burns bright with gratitude for the moments I have shared with each of you. It was at this restaurant that I learned what it means to combine of love for something with the work it takes to sustain it. It was at this restaurant that I met one of the great partners of my life, Natalie Goble, with whom I share two beautiful boys. It was at this restaurant that I learned what it means to fail, to wake up renewed, and to start once again with the belief that I may succeed.

In partnership with all our chefs and growers over the years, Lowell’s was able to hone its approach toward food and farming. It wasn’t until Natalie and I planted the first seeds in 2010 at Two Belly Acres, our family farm, that the deeper learning began. Together we were able to bring to life the dream of growing, harvesting, cooking, and serving food in a neighborhood restaurant. It was both the dream and the reality of Lowell’s for the last 12 years.

As I step back from the work that is Lowell’s, I look to find my way as a son, a sibling, and friend, a partner, and a father. I am—and always will—be a joyful member of the community of Sebastopol and I look forward to continuing to serve you through my other ventures Handline and Fern Bar.

One of my hopes in these final months has been that I could participate in the evolution of Lowell’s into what will be next. It is with joy and humility that I partner with Matt Williams and Moishe Hahn-Schuman of Ramen Gaijin to transform Lowell’s into a new venture. Stay tuned as we finalize the concept and prepare the space for its second coming.

As we wrap up these last two weeks at Lowell’s, our hours will continue as posted. With such a short time to share this space for your final visits, I hope you will keep in mind a few things.

1)    Please try to come at beginning and end of our service. If everyone comes in the middle, we might be too overwhelmed to be able to savor our time with you.

2)    We will not be serving to-go food for the last two weeks in order to take care of those that would like to share their time with us.

A quote my late father, Steve Sheldon, shared with me from The Little Prince comes to mind. “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” It is the path we have shared that has allowed this space, this restaurant, to be a home for us. It is through gazing outward together that we can bring to being a future that we are all proud to be part of.

Here’s to what we have shared, what we will miss, and what we will create in the future. 

 Lowell Sheldon


(707) 829-1077



7385 Healdsburg Ave
Sebastopol, CA, 95472


Thursday-Monday 11am-2:30pm

Thursday-Monday 5-9pm

closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays