Lowell’s Story

It all started in the spring of '03. I, Lowell Sheldon, was cooking at a rustic Italian restaurant in Seattle when, one evening after work and over a glass of wine I started to bat around a crazy idea. I had just finished college and was planning to move home to Sebastopol. With dreams of starting my own restaurant, it was that evening I began to wonder if just maybe the time was right.

Opening our doors in October '07, we just celebrated our 11th year of business. Together with a talented and seasonally-inspired team of chefs, we are at our core an expression of a passion for traditional Italian recipes and a desire to have a sustainable impact on Sonoma County. Lowell's, a West Sonoma County restaurant, features only the finest organic ingredients available.

During the summer months, over 60 percent of our produce comes from our very own Two Belly Acres Farm. And a slightly off-kilter attitude towards business -- one where people, animals, and the environment come before profits, where organic is a way of life, and where the highest quality cuisine is a top priority -- is in keeping with our community's standards.

So here we are, after many long nights of dreaming and many tireless days of building the business from the ground up. Please join us at Lowell's in celebrating our friends, family, sustainability, and some of the most exciting new world cuisine this side of the Mississippi.

Lowell Sheldon

Owner and Floor General


Natalie Goble

Owner and CHEF

Farm to Table

by Natalie Goble

When my father, Brian Goble, bought a piece of land just outside Sebastopol in 1989, he had dreams of farming Sebastopol’s own Gravenstein apples. He had moved his young family up to Sonoma County to leave the bustle of life and work in the Silicon Valley behind. With an eye for beauty and potential, Valley Verde Farm became his canvas for raising a family and living a dream where everything seemed to move slower, the seasons dictating a different way of life.

As one of the original Green Valley farmsteads, the land was rich with history and steeped in seasons passed. Nestled onto the property were 10 acres of 50-year-old apples and an acre of kiwifruit planted in the 70’s. Young Fuyu persimmon and Feijoa trees were planted along the contour of the landscape and a hive of bees was maintained to help pollinate the crops. Along the western side of the property a ridge runs North South giving way to breathtaking views across the Green Valley creek bed where majestic Oak and Bay trees are home to herds of deer, wild turkey, fox and coyote.

My father worked hard but it became evident that maintaining this lifestyle wasn't sustainable while trying to support a family. Months and years passed and slowly the earth seemed to go into hibernation. Without the attention it was once given, the blackberries came on strong and fruit production slowed. It was in this state that we harvested the first crop of Kiwis for Peter Lowell’s Restaurant in late fall 2010. Climbing high above the vines we began to dream of revitalizing the land. The dream is still building and the Goble family has come together to help make it a reality.

Our goals for the farm include: Biodynamic Certification: Revitalization of Kiwifruit, Fuyu Persimmons and Feijoa (Pineapple Guava): Vegetable Production on two acres of fallow farmland from locally sourced heirloom seeds (we have friends in low places!).

The importance of where the food on our table comes from provides the framework for the philosophy of both the restaurant and the farm. Keeping our long-term goals in mind as we work the land, we look to set the pace as we progress towards our dream for a diverse farm as an educational tool for our local community.


The following links are to organizations we work with or believe in supporting:



Working to inform Sonoma County residents of the wealth of small-scale farming we have here at home. Learn where the farms are and what they do. Then go out and support them.



Rescuing animals from their inhumane existence and allowing them a little space to live out their lives. Get informed about how you can play a positive role in animal's lives.



After tasting through the array of cheese that Lisa produces, it's astonishing the craft and delicacy she brings to each unique product. She produces something for each and every craft cheese connoisseur.



Producing organic ducks and beef in Bodega Bay, we have become strong supporters of this family of ranchers. They have gone the extra mile to source organic feed and in turn are putting out a superior product!

Demeter USA


Learn here about biodynamic farming and find out who is using the biodynamic method in your area.



Supporting exactly what we believe in. We believe unequivocally in the humane treatment of all animals, on the farm, in the wild, and out of almost all labs.

Porter Creek Winery


Our favorite, Demeter Certified, producer in the Russian River Valley. Visit their tasting room, support the winery! Awesome wines with character and a sense of place. 

MH Bread and Butter


A Tartine alumn, Nathan and wife Devon are fast establishing themselves as world class bakers in their own right. We are true believers in artisan bread production and are honored to partner with these passionate folks.